About Us

Paramount Chrome Plating, Inc. has been in the wheel and parts chrome plating industry since 1985. We have continuously improved our plating techniques year after year. We strive to provide you, the customer, the best product quality and customer service available. In addition, we are committed to providing the most timely services in the market.

  • Wheel Chrome Plating

  • Wheel reChrome Plating

  • Black Electroplated Chrome

  • PVD chrome

  • Gold Plating

  • Brass Plating

  • Nickle Plating

  • Copper Plating

  • Triple Chrome Plating

  • Chrome/reChrome steel wheels and steel accessories

  • Chrome/reChrome all vintage cars/motorcycles die cast, brass plating, aluminum alloy and stainless steel parts/wheels

  • Wheel Exchange

  • Motorcycle Rim Chroming

  • Motorcycle Accessories Chroming/reChrome

  • 2-3 piece wheel Chrome/reChrome

  • Wheel Repair Services

  • Large Wheel Chrome/reChrome Plating

  • Bumper reChrome/Chroming

  • Vintage car parts repair and reChrome/Chrome

  • Local Pickup & Delivery

We encourage you to contact us with any questions to ensure you get the proper service. We look forward to serving you!


What Our Clients Say

Worked with Paramount on my Porsche. They did a great job on the rims and even showed me a little trick by painting the inside of the lug holes to match the color of my car. I get constant compliments on it.

William Hill
26 September, 2018

For custom plating, these are the guys to go to. I spoke to several platers and nobody wanted to touch my motorcycle parts. When I spoke to Fabian, he identified the material and came up with a plating technique that came out perfect.

Brian Murdoch
09 October, 2018

What an amazing experience! Fabian made it so easy....I was a little nervous being on the east coast and how everything would work out! He handled it...and answered my calls and text right away and was on top of it from the get go! Highly recommended him and his company!

Richard Smith
01 October, 2018


Call: (866) 744-0972

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Monday–Friday: 8:00 a.m. –6:00 p.m.