Paramount Warranty

Our warranty covers, peeling, blistering, “bubbling” of chrome and/or separation and nickel shadow.  Our special corrosion layer nickel protects your wheels beneath the chrome layer allowing us to offer a 3 year warranty.

Extended warranties are available upon request for an additional charge.

Some restrictions apply and not all is covered under this warranty. This warranty also applies to motorcycle wheels and all other accessories as well.

Please note for steel wheels, the warranty covers up to 12 months from date of completion (which is date of receipt of wheels). Please note steel wheels are usually (2) two piece and there is usually discoloration possibly some small blistering around seems, this is unavoidable, as chemicals protrudes into seems and the possibility of this may occur.

Paramount Wheels, Inc. warranties to the original owner for the period of 24 months from date of purchase and or shipment and covers only peeling and separation (blistering) of the chromed wheel/motorcycle wheels/or misc parts. Surface rust can be prevented by proper care and is not covered by this warranty. For rechromes there is a 12 month warranty only.

Paramount Wheel, Inc warranties to the original owner 12 months (with restrictions) warranty for powder coating. The following are not covered after the powder coating is complete. Negligence, curbing, scraping up against, using chemicals that would remove/”blister” powder coating. Please use caution when cleaning powdercoated items.

Paramount Wheels, Inc. warranties to the original owner for the period of 12 months for Black Chrome (when applied). All same restrictions as regular chrome.

For shipments of chromed items on an exchange/customer wheel basis that are lost or stolen Paramount Wheels, Inc. will cover such items if Paramount Wheels, Inc is at fault or due to catastrophic chain of events, i.e. fires, theft, water damage etc.

Paramount Wheels, Inc. insures all or most items up to $1000.00 and no less then $25.00 based on gross weight of merchandise and/or per item thru its shipping provider such as UPS or FedEx or any shipping provider thereof.

Please note for wheels with seems (two piece welded wheels), I.E. Boyd Coddingtons, Budnick Custom, Wheels, Weld Racing, Billet Engineering and other examples. Discoloration around seem areas may occur, Paramount Wheel, Inc is not responsible for discoloration or liquid residual chrome splash. (In this situation) please clean off chrome residual so discoloration does not occur. This can be done with warm water and or soap by wiping it off with a cloth diaper or a non abrasive towel. For two piece welded wheels, there is only a 1 year warranty and discoloration around seems is not a covered item. We apologize for any inconvenience.

There are no exceptions for steel wheels that were stripped and rechromed.

Paramount Wheel, Inc. agrees to repair or replace at Paramount Wheel, Inc sole discretion, any Paramount Wheel, Inc. product, that is covered by this warranty, which is returned (freight prepaid) to Paramount Wheel, Inc. 1409 E Warner Ave Santa Ana CA. 92705..

Such repair or replacement shall not include removal or installation expense. This expressed warranty is not applicable to Paramount Wheel, Inc. products which have been subjected to:

  1. Corrosion or damage to the finish due to neglect, chemicals, salt, and/or adverse weather conditions. DO NOT DRIVE CHROME WHEELS IN SNOW!
    Damage occurred by outside forces, such as curb or pothole damage.

  2. Damage occurred during tire mounting or dismounting.

  3. Damage by improper maintenance or by using cleaning agents other than mild soap and water or glass cleaner. Any other products used on wheels will void any warranty. IMPORTANT – all defect returns will be reviewed by quality control personnel and any defects not found to be Paramount Wheel, Inc. responsibility will be rejected and returned to the sender at their expense.

If sold on exchanges basis please spin core wheels before you or your customer leaves installation facility because:

  1. There will be a minimum charge of $75.00 for any cores returned needing repairs.

  2. Customers will be charged the full core charge amount for wheels not repairable.

  3. Cores not returned within 30 days of invoice date may be charged for at full value.

Returns are subject to a 20% restock fee.
Please return core(s) in same boxes and packaging that the chrome wheels were sent to you in. Any questions concerning the warranty please feel free to call 714-713-0756.


The following procedure is to be followed if a problem arises with a Paramount Wheel, Inc. product or accessory:

  • Please contact Paramount Wheel, Inc. 1409 E Warner Ave. Santa Ana CA. 92705 if warranty need be applied.

  • Any shipment of wheels to Paramount Wheel, Inc. must be freight prepaid. A return authorization number is required and may be acquired by calling us at 714-713-0756.

  • Wheels that have had tires mounted on them cannot be returned. Paramount Wheel, Inc is not liable for any damage done to a wheel by an outside "tire store" or "body shop". DO NOT mount tires if you question the quality of the wheels.

  • For (2) or (3) piece assembled wheels, leaks or loose assembly, (please do not disassemble). This will void warranty. Please send wheel/wheels back and Paramount Wheel, Inc will assure reseal will be applied properly. Paramount Wheel, Inc will cover shipping charges.

  • Returns will not be accepted unless there has been damage done on the part of Paramount Wheel, Inc. choosing the wrong wheel does not constitute a defect.

Previously damaged wheels or bent wheels that need repair. On exchanges and or sent wheels.

If wheel/wheels for motorcycle wheels and/or car wheels are previously damaged and repair is required. Paramount Wheels, Inc is not responsible for any damages after wheels are shipped from our location. If by shipping agent UPS/FedEx et al. are damaged. Then shipping agent will be responsible for damages. Paramount Wheels, Inc. is limited on repairing damaged wheels. Paramount Wheels, Inc will utilize every method available to straighten and or repair wheel. If unrepairable, Paramount Wheels, Inc will notify customer of such issues. Customers need to notify Paramount Wheels, Inc. if there are damages to wheel/s prior to sending and instructions are necessary to Paramount Wheels, Inc. that repair is needed. This will not be a covered item if Paramount Wheels, Inc. is not notified. And wheels are shipped thereafter. This applies to wheel exchanges as well. Wheels need to be free of defects including bent, out of round, deep gouges that need spot welding. If all possible, please check your wheels by placing on a balancer at your nearest tire shop. There are no exceptions. If repairs are required, there is a fee ranging from $75.00 to $150.00 based on damage of wheel(s) received by Paramount Wheel Plating.

Our policy on rechromed wheels

1. If wheel/wheels were previously chromed by other source than Paramount Wheel, Inc. and requires stripping of previous chrome and rechroming, there will be no warranty and no exceptions. There is no guarantee wheel/wheels will be restored to previous chrome finish. Porous and pitting could occur after rechroming of wheel which is normal when certain chemicals are used to strip wheel. And/or if wheel was in poor conditions previously due to elements and inclinations of weather, IE salts and deicing chemicals used on roads to remove ice/snow. Some adhesives may still be present once wheel is rechromed. Our stripping chemicals may not remove these adhesives.

2. Paramount Wheel, Inc. is not responsible if wheel is out-of-round when received from customer. All wheels must be checked prior to sending wheel to Paramount Wheel, Inc. This is the responsibility of customer to check wheel if damaged and/or bent. . Paramount Wheel, Inc will repair and notify customers of bent sections on lips of wheels and will repair upon consulting with customer prior to repairing. WE DO NOT REPAIR OUT-OF-ROUND WHEELS.

New chromed wheel purchases

1. Paramount Wheel, Inc. will not honor a refund back on newly purchased wheels. Credit towards other wheels may be applied of same or similar wheels and all sales are final. Restocking fees may apply as well as shipping and handling fees. Paramount Wheels, Inc is not responsible if wheels that are damaged during mount and balance.

Extended warranty policy

Paramount Wheel, Inc. offers an extended warranty upon request from client. Our policy extends from 30 days to 12 months. For an extended warranty policy of 12 months there is an additional charge of $100.00 per annum. Please call Paramount Wheels, Inc. for details.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Fabian Mauri
Paramount Wheel, Inc.